We are excited about our NEW paper flowers! They are so fun to add to any of your cards, we can't stop adding them to everything!
Look how cute it is to make your own bouquet!
This bouquet is with our new red flowers.
You get 3 clusters in the package and can separate them to use as many and as little as you want on a card.
You can use the small flowers to add to any field of flowers! This is the small dark lavender flower.
You can add them to any of your favorite vase dies to give a bouquet card to a friend.
For this card, I just used a few of the flowers. This style has a wire stem so you can make the manipulate the flower to go into any jar and have them go in different directions. You get 2 clusters in the package.
We are super excited to have these in the shop. We added them to the NEW section on the site HERE. And they are only $2.50 per package!
Have a great weekend and enjoy our Valentine sale - code: valentine2020

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