NEW RELEASE! Guess which set is our favorite!

Whenever we do a new release, there is always one set that I absolutely love. For this release, it's the Free to Fly Set! Even though at the moment, we can only fly inside our homes. But we can dream!
This stamp set is perfect in several ways. 
The solid blobs can work for both sides. They aren't meant to cover the wing perfectly - it's more of a splash of color concept.
Here are a few samples of this.
Using vellum for wings is always my favorite. I also love kraft and white!
You know we love to stamp patterns and here is another butterfly card but I love the pattern behind the card in black and white. Along with another vellum butterfly.
This is a small but mighty release with endless ideas of creativity! Keep checking back with other fun cards that we are creating! Stay safe and be creative!


  • ♥ Love this set!! Butterflies are always a go-to for spring themed cards. Thank you for the inspiration!! ♥

    Kim H.
  • I love the build a butterfly set and the 4-bar cards look fun to work with!

    Christine Lawlor

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