New Fresh Ink Colors!

We have new colors on the site and I'm having so much fun with these colors! They are: HARVEST, PROVINCIAL GRAY, PEONY, KALE, MERLOT and PAPAYA!!!
Here are a few samples using the new colors!
The large yellow flower is Harvest and center piece color is Merlot. The greenery is Kale. So much fun!! Harvest is such a perfect yellow!
Another combo of Harvest, Merlot and Kale!
Here is Peony, Merlot and Kale.
Keep checking us on Instagram for more color combinations. I still haven't used a few of the new colors! Have a great weekend and don't forget we are having a Craft Die Sale this weekend (4/24 - 4/28) 20% off all dies. Code: diesale20
Enjoy and stay safe!

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