New Brush Petal Set

We have to admit, we LOVE this release! But our Brush Petal set has to be my favorite. If you are looking for a stamp set that has endless possibilities, then this is it!
It took Lara and I a bit to get the different petals figured out on how we could capture that texture look in a petal format to create a flower that you could build with lots of possibilities.
However, there is one stamp that is in this set that is my absolute favorite! It's this teeny tiny polka dot and I've almost lost it twice so now I've permanently dedicated this small clear mount to keep it safe and sound. haha.
I've always loved polka dots and stripes. They are happy, classic, timeless....need I go on?
We use pigment ink the most and Fresh Ink pigment ink has amazing colors! It's our absolute favorite! If you need a wish list of colors, let us know!
Fresh ink: Mango, Fuchsia and Grapefruit
Fresh Ink: Persimmon and Black
Fresh Ink: Pink Lemonade, Blush, Grapefruit
Fresh Ink: Grapefruit, Strawberry and Basil (leaves)
Its fun to see all of the different petal combinations and colors.
Next, I colored the back of a stamp petal with watercolors and stamped onto watercolor paper.
I use a flat brush and add a yellow close to the center and an orange along the ends. But it gets all smeared together when you stamp it down onto the paper. I don't even clean the stamp in between impressions.
You basically just press and you can see the watercolor squish together.
Stamping the petal several times and overlapping a little bit. But this process is very forgiving and you don't have to stamp it perfectly. It will turn out. I love when things don't have to be perfect.
This is a combination of doing the watercolor technique for the large petals and then I stamped with Fresh Ink the center petals (Fresh Ink color: Persimmon) and then stamped the dot cluster in black.
Here is another watercolor combination. I can't wait to see what people create using this stamp set. Everyone is so talented that I'm sure we will be seeing some amazing cards!
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  • Why aren’t these ink colors listed on the website to purchase? Like Grapefruit, Strawberry, etc.?

    Carol Bluethman
  • What a fun set!! It looks super fun to play with, and it is on my wish list!! I’ll have to check out the various Fresh Ink color possibilities… :)

    Kim H.
  • Wow! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to get mine.

  • Adorable!


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